ARTURIA Pigments Win

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ARTURIA Pigments Win

August 24, 2020 Plugin Synths VST VST Windows 0
ARTURIA Pigments Win

Introduction: ARTURIA Pigments Win

This is the latest version of software work like standalone. It is also called multifaceted synthesizer software. The powerful analog synthesizer and change the way of creating music. Therefore, a spark of sound imagination is the most important feature. The pigments allow many elements to create your sound exciting. It also gives fully express your creativity. Pigments have allowed bath audio engines to mix virtual and tabular waves. You can also read ARTURIA Pigments MAC.

ARTURIA Pigments Win

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  • Explore gives hundreds of samples and modes: edit, loop, and pigment modules abilities.
  • It uses another level of your sound design.
  • Its give tow way of sound design randomness and non-destructive way.
  • We added the iconic sound and a space-age tape echo sonic arsenal
  • You can update without little effort and redo functionality and module bar.
  • You have created heroic sound designers are hundreds of breathtaking new sounds in your explore and tracks.


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